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Thomasville improves communications

February 8, 2007

Thomasville-- Communication in Thomasville is about to jump to a whole new level thanks to three big projects currently in the works, says Assistant City manager Don Atkinson.   "Technology changes, needs change, and technology allows you to do more things."

The first new thing, is a local telephone system, offered by CNS, the city's cable supplier.   "Its the same data stream, the same data channel that we serve Internet to our customers over, would receive phone service," says Atkinson.  He says that service will be available in a few weeks.

A much needed upgrade to the city's radio system is also in the works.  "Throughout its existence, its been there since the mid-90s, there's been some coverage issues," Atkinson said.

The new system is for everyone in the county. Every agency from law enforcement and emergency services to school buses and public works and would be on the same system. "Certain events that we need. . . You know or are even required to talk to each other to communicate services to the public," said Atkinson. 

And this inter-operability would go beyond just Thomas county.  "With the technology and the objectives in place, we'll be able to achieve regional communications," said Atkinson. 

The third project, will probably be completed around summertime.  "We are building a wireless network to provide connectivity out to for instance, police cars, fire trucks." The 9-10 mile wireless cloud being built in the first phase will also be available to the public for Internet access.

The wireless network is being funded by a 500 thousand dollar grant from Wireless Communities of Georgia. Thomasville was one of just 6 recipients of the award in the state.

Atkinson says the goal of all these upgrades is to improve customer service and public safety to the city of Thomasville.


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