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Farmer's conference begins

February 8, 2007

Albany -- South Georgia farmers can learn the newest ways to protect their crops and produce the most profitable yields at the 24th annual farmers conference in Albany.  

The event is sponsored by the Federation of Southern Cooperatives. The conference will give farmers the chance to give their input on the next farm bill. The Federation assists black family farmers across the South with farm management to ensure family farm survivability.    

"We're having individuals to talk about production of vegetables, and watermelons and other crops and giving ideas on crops that can be grown that bring a large return but use less land, less equipment and so forth," said Ga. Field Office Director Shirley Sherrod.  

An attorney will also be on hand to answer questions about the Pigford Class Action lawsuit, which has been put on hold. The lawsuit claimed race discrimination in loan practices and issuance of land. The conference is at the Hilton Garden Inn Albany Friday and Saturday.


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