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ADICA/ATI looks to the future

February 7, 2007

Albany--  The future of Albany Tomorrow now lies in the hands of a new leader who says some of the hardest work is ahead.

Wednesday, outgoing Albany Tomorrow CEO Tommy Chatmon sat in on his last ADICA quarterly meeting. He reviewed some of the many projects he oversaw including the Department of Human Resources Building, the Riverfront Resource Center and the Law Enforcement Center.

Interim CEO Greg McCormack then outlined future projects for Albany. That includes an 8-million dollar active retirement dwelling called The Gordon and a 21-million dollar East Albany condominium project. McCormack says there's a lot of work to do to make those projects reality.

"Basically everything that we have to do now is going to have to be private developers coming in putting their money and their capital at risk and you've got to really sell a good program to them for them to want to come in and invest," said McCormack.

Flint Ridge Lofts will consist of one and two-bedroom condos that would cost between $160 and $200,000.

Several publicly-funded downtown projects are also about to get underway. The Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority made sure the money will be there for projects such as Ray Charles Plaza and the Civil Rights Movement Museum expansion. They gave final approval to a bond resolution that will provide 14-million dollars right away instead of waiting for sales tax revenue.

ADICA hopes to close on the bond by the end of the month after public comment and approval by a judge.



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