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Teen suicide rate increases

February 7, 2007

Albany--  A disturbing report finds that after a decade of decline, the number of kids committing suicide is up.  

Early figures from the Center for Disease Control show the suicide rate jumped nearly 20-percent from 2003 to 2004 for Americans under age 20.  Most of the suicides were older teens according to the data.

Albany traumatologist Dr. Lora Davis says there are signs to look for including changes in behavior and personal hygiene habits and a sudden desire to give things away.

"We also believe now that there might be a biological or familial component and certainly if a teenager's parent or someone close to them commits suicide, it brings an option to the table for that teenager," said Davis of Therapeutic Collaborative.  

Davis says many things contribute to a teen wanting to commit suicide, even something as simple as pressure for good grades. She warns parents who see the signs to intervene and seek professional help immediately.

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