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Thomas County declares official Marriage Week

February 7, 2007

Thomasville-- With Valentine's Day approaching, more people will tie the knot, so they're proclaiming Marriage Week in Thomasville.  A community-wide celebration of marriage runs from Today through Valentine's Day.  

Thomasville Family and Marriage Net, or T-FAM, is the organization that got the ball rolling on marriage week.   T-FAM is the first organization, in a now growing network of Georgia's Healthy Marriage Initiative, a program backed by the Georgia Family Council. The goal of the initiative is to reduce the divorce rate in Georgia by 35% in the next ten years.

For David & Kristi Whiddon, the evidence of their recent marriage is still visible on their car.  And a couple weeks later, the two are still talking about the wedding.   "Had a big party," said David Whiddon.   "We did not have a party! It was really big we'll put it that way," his wife Kristi said .

But while exciting at first, everyone knows marriage in this day and age is tough. That's why the Whiddon's have a plan to make it work.  "Spending time together, doing things that each other likes, instead of me doing what I want to do and she doing what she wants to do, finding things that we agree on, and that's what we do," said David Whiddon.

Thomasville Family and Marriage Net is a growing network of churches counseling services and others. Their goal is to educate the community on how to keep marriages, and family life, healthy.

Ann Nunnally, president of TFAM, appealed to the county and city government, to have a week where the whole community celebrates marriages.  "We're just thrilled that the leaders of this community realize how important it is, to strengthen families and marriages," Nunnally said.

Other cities in Georgia are now following Thomasville's lead, and forming their own versions of TFAM.   "Now there are six or seven others all the way across the state and there are plans this year for four or five more," said Nunnally

Nunnally says the work their doing is important because healthy marriages and families, effect communities as a whole.  "Businesses are starting to come on board and sponsor the work and we are so thankful that people in Thomasville believe in strengthening the family and making marriages even better," said Nunnally.  She says in the end, healthy marriages lead to healthy communities.

As part of marriage week, the Georgia Family Council will conduct a two day educational program that will focus on the different challenges that meet step families.



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