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Don't throw out that phone book

February 7, 2007

Albany - - Want to get rid of your old phone book? You don't have to throw it away. 

Elementary and middle schools in Dougherty County are having a contest to see who can collect the most phone books. It's a partnership with Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful to avoid phone books ending up in landfills.

At Lincoln Elementary school, the class who raises the most books wins a pizza party.  

"The students come in the morning and drop the books off with their teachers. The teachers tally up the number of books and then we place them in the work room. At the end of the week, the tally sheets are collected by a member of the staff and then we keep a running tally," says teacher Stephanie Hart.

You can also drop off a phone book at the West Albany, East Albany, or Downtown Albany fire stations. You can also drop them off at any Albany or Sylvester McDonalds.

Collections will be taken through March 9th.