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State of the art technology helps patients

February 7, 2007

Albany - Phoebe Putney has a new cath lab that will allow cardiologists to see crystal clear images instantly. Phoebe's CEO, Joel Wernick, says the $950,000 lab will be a big benefit to South Georgia patients.

Wernick says, "Most places at Phoebe Putney we no longer have the X-rays that you would hold up to the light and see, now it's all where you can flash right on it and that's what's happened in the cath lab.

Cath lab Director Donnie Bishop says, "It's just a better way to view the anatomy of the coronaries to help the cardiologists to diagnose the patients and to choose a treatment plan for them."

Phoebe had not replaced a cath lab in about 8 years.   The new equipment is the most advanced of any hospital in the nation.


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