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Newton recall fails

February 7, 2007

Newton - - An attempt to recall the Newton Mayor and a Councilwoman was thrown out Wednesday.

44 people signed a petition to recall Newton Mayor Markeita Bullard and Councilwoman Mamie Lanier. They claimed the city leaders were biased when it came to enforcing delinquent water bills, allowing some customers to keep their water service even though they were behind in payments.

Wednesday, Judge Harry J. Altman of Thomasville rejected the request for a recall because many of the signers didn't list a home address. Supporters of the Mayor say her policy simply provided a grace period for customers who couldn't pay their bills on time.

"She was out here helping people, like me. Now, my water is off. My brother is in the military. She's trying to do her best. She told them not to cut the water off and they did for being inconsistent because my brother is over in Iraq right now and they turned the water off," says Newton Resident Lyndia Toombs.

Mayor Bullard says at the city council's discretion, the city will no longer offer a grace period to customers who are late with their water bills. She says the city also reduced its water debt by $10,000 in the past two months.