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102... with one to grow on

February 7, 2007

Albany - It's a milestone most of us will never reach--turning 102 years old. But it's something one Albany woman did Wednesday.  There wasn't quite room for all those candles on her cake, but there was plenty of room for fun.

And fun is something Ida Bell Stafford has had a lot of in her long life, and she has no reason to slow down now. She's still got a lot of living left to do. 

She has moves many 60 year olds would envy. "Feels like I'm 16, what you talkin'' about?"

It's her party and she's got something to celebrate! "The lord taking care of me. That's who taking care of me," says Stafford.  "I don't look for nobody to take care of me buts the lord. I looks to him for blessings, see."

And today Miss Ida Bell received another blessing.  It's her 102nd birthday. But don't tell her that.  She says, "Just forget about that one hundred and something, I ain't nothing but sweet 16, right on."

So what's the secret to her long life? Her love affair with God.  She says, "That's where the blessing comes from, the Lord. And he's taking care of it, and been taking care of me ever since I been in the world."

And she says he'll keep taking care of her until she flys away. "I'm going to spread my wings, I'm going to fly."

But she's not ready for that just yet. "Not yet," she says, "I gotta heap to do yet."

Including making party plans for birthday 103. "I'm going to do the same thing I'm doing now if ya'll give me something to eat." A sweet slice of life for this sweet lady on her sweet 16th, well, sort of.

Ms. Stafford goes to the senior center every day and plans to hold her 103rd birthday party there next year, so long as there's plenty of sweet cake.

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