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Thirteen year old caught with B.B. gun at school

February 6, 2007

Thomasville-- Two teachers at McIntyre Park Middle school saw a thirteen-year-old removing something from a drainpipe in the park across the street last Friday.

When the school resource officer checked into it, found the boy with a B.B. gun. The gun wasn't working, and the boy was not on school property, but he's charged with having a weapon in a school zone.

"According to Georgia law, if you bring a gun within a thousand feet of a school than you can be charged as the same as bringing it on to the school property," said  Assisstant Commander Melven Johnson of Thomasville Police.

The boy was arrested and charged as a juvenile but then turned over to his parents. He was suspended from school for ten days, and will have to appear in juvenile court.


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