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Kerry Tidmore's Wild Ride

February 6, 2007

Valdosta - Don't tell Kerry Tidmore the sky's the limit.

He's been defying gravity for 24 years.  "I started out flying 150's, 172's and started working towards my license from there. I went through pilot training and flew jet airplanes, T-37's, T1A's, and different stuff there," Tidmore says.

He knew his calling at the age of four.  "I decided I wanted to be a pilot, just stuck with it and never let go of that dream.  Just kept chasing it."

He's been subjecting himself to nauseating loops, twists, and barrel rolls ever since.

And loving every minute of it.  "Anytime I get around aviation, aviation people, or airplanes in general, it puts a smile on my face and I hope to get to do it for a long time."

He's spent more than a decade in the Air Force, training the next Maverick and Ice Man.

But it's as an air show pilot where he truly soars, flying his BellSouth Extra from the Real Yellow Pages.  "I started going to air shows pretty early in life and seeing the guys go out and perform in their airplanes and I just wanted to be a part of that really bad!"

Soon South Georgians will get the opportunity to see Tidmore spread his wings on the Valdosta horizon.

He and the prestigious Thunderbirds were some of the first to be invited to perform at the Team Moody Air Fest October 21 and 22.

To learn more about Kerry Tidmore, his flights, and sponsors click here.


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