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Another lawsuit in Phoebe Factoid case

February 6, 2007

Albany --  A surgeon is suing Phoebe Putney for damages.  Dr. John Bagnato says he suffered personal and professional losses after being indicted and arrested for sending the Factoids.

In his federal lawsuit filed Monday, Dr. Bagnato says Phoebe got the District Attorney to turn over subpoenaed evidence by offering him property for his child abuse prosecution unit.    

"Here is a person who would dare to take on an institution so that the truth is disclosed to the community, which benefits the community, and had to pay a personal toll," said Bagnato's Attorney Henry Williams.    

Phoebe Putney Health System Board Chairman Lem Griffin issued a statement saying "enough is enough...."and saying the hospital planned to vigorously defend against this lawsuit.


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