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City to enact copper ordinance

February 6, 2007

Albany -- Copper is a hot item for thieves, as we've seen with recent thefts from downtown Albany buildings.  So Albany is adopting tougher laws on copper.  Tuesday, city commissioners voted to require metal recyclers to report directly to the Chief of Police about exactly who they are purchasing the copper from.

They must wait 10 days to pay the supplier, and must pay in the form of a check mailed to the address provided by that seller. The buyers still will be required to get an ID number of the seller, as well as a physical address.

City Manager Alfred Lott says collecting that information will help police gather leads on copper thefts and will hopefully reduce them.  "I appreciate the plight of the businessmen and women in the area who are in the recycling business. But I have no sympathy with them because they'll be complaining that they'll be losing business if their business is receiving stolen property," said Lott.

One Albany recycler says the ordinance will only encourage thieves to go to neighboring cities and sell the stolen metal.

Lott says he'll call neighboring cities to suggest they enact similar legislation to reduce the amount of people moving from city to city to sell copper.


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