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ASU Police train with big weapons

February 5, 2007

Albany -- Albany State University Police are joining other campus police forces around Georgia, training with high power firearms.

Violent attacks by gunmen has shocked a number of school and college campuses. Albany State campus police are now undergoing training with high powered weapons, to be ready if their school is targeted.

Albany State University's Police force pumps up their firepower. Their certified officers are training  with 12 gauge shotguns. A.S.U. Police Chief Roberson Brown says "for any bad guy on our campus, they'll be met firepower with firepower."

Albany State University has a quiet, peaceful campus, rated number one in the Georgia University System with the least amount of crime. Chief Brown says "A couple of break in's related to laptops, and projectors occasionally. A few broken into cars, but very minor."

Serious criminal attacks are not a thought.  Student Rubin Pasha said "honestly, I never really worried much abut anything like that." But Chief Brown says he does. He decided to increase his officer's arsenal after several deadly shootings at other college campuses in the United States and Canada. Chief Brown said "not because there is a problem. I want to anticipate problems and anticipate what may happen."

Albany State Officers carry handguns all the time. They will have shotguns available just in case, firing slugs. Chief Brown said "you can not take a handgun and compete against a guy with an AK 47, or not that type."

SWAT tactics are worked on. Chief Brown shows officers where to  kneeling behind their patrol cars for maximum protection.   "this is not a good door. We stand behind the engine block to do it."

They practice firing on doors, to let the officers know what the high powered weapon is capable of doing.  Brown said "these two double doors, and a solid core door. It's nothing for a slug to go right through. So anytime a barricaded subject is shooting at you, this is what you should get. Good enough to stop him."

High powered rifles are also trained with, to be prepared for the worst. Chief Brown says "We'll probably never use it. But if we have to we'll be trained and capable of utilizing that to protect the faculty, staff, and students at A.S.U."

 Most South Georgia Universities and Colleges report very little crime in recent years. But state training is available to Campus Police Forces, who are increasing fire power following violent attacks at schools around the country.

All Georgia Universities and colleges have to post their crime statistics on the web, so students and parents can keep track.

You can check the crime watch on campus at these sites:


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