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A Winning Attitude for Wildcats

February 4, 2007

Albany -- For many fans, just having the South Georgia Wildcats in town was enough their inaugural season.

The excitement seemingly counting more than the wins.

That sentiment started to change last year, with South Georgia recording its second straight 3-13 season.

The poor record forced the team to do a bit of house cleaning in the off-season, and the Wildcats say fans will be able to see the changes this year in the win column.

South Georgia Wildcats head coach Derek Stingley says winning starts with the right attitude.

"That's my whole motto," says Stingley. "It's all about attitude, because with me it's about how you approach practice and games."

Offensive coordinator Rickey Foggie says, "Us as a coaching staff, we're here to change the atmosphere. We're going to start winning some ballgames around here, and we're here to make a difference."

With the team posting just three wins last year in his rookie campaign, Wildcats wide receiver/defensive back Ray Jackson says he's looking forward to a new season.

"We get a chance to start over," says Jackson. "We get a new look, a new coaching staff, and I think the fans will have a fresh outlook towards us."

Jackson says the fresh start is very important from the fans perspective.

"If they were to think things were going to be the same, then there would be no reason for them to show up," says Jackson. "I think they've got a new fresh look, and there's going to be something new to look forward to."

Coach Stingley says fans will have a lot to look forward to this year.

We're not here just to play football games," says Stingley, "We're here to compete and win. That's my biggest thing. We've got a 16-game season, and I'm expecting to play all sixteen and win all sixteen. That's my goal."  

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