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Happy reunion for Marine and family

February 4, 2007

Albany - - It's the reunion of a life-time. While President Bush is seeking more than 20,000 troops to head to Iraq, a Marine from the 4th Marine Logistics group returns home after a 14 month tour there.

He arrived at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Sunday evening.

Their signs are ready to go.

Mom is looking and waiting with anticipation.

"It's been a long year," says Arlene Marine.

His wife is ready to speak face to face, instead of relying on email.

"When it was his evening, it was my morning so I would start my day saying hello to him by email. Thank heavens for the Internet," says Deborah Marine.

Fellow Marines came out in force to welcome home Gunnery Sergeant Michael Marine. His last name coincides with the branch of the military he wanted to serve in since high school.

As his supporters continued waiting, the moment finally arrived.

"There he is," one Marine shouted as supporters applauded his arrival.

The reunion couldn't be any more emotional. A long embrace with his sons and his wife. 

"This was a long time coming. He served two tours back to back so the second tour was a bit of surprise but he felt he had to finish the job," his wife says.

His mother ran to hug her son.

"My boy will never be embarrassed by a hug from his mom."

His fellow marines then began their salute.

Gunnery Sergeant Marine didn't expect all of this.

"To have so many familiar faces all at once it's overwhelming. It's really overwhelming."

On his to-do list....

"Probably get some Taco Bell," Marine says while laughing.

He also just wants that quality time with those he hasn't seen in a very long while.

"He's home," his wife says while gripping the sudden reality.

President Bush's decision to send 21,500 extra troops to Iraq heads to the Senate floor Monday. A debate is expected on a resolution to reverse the unpopular plan.

U.S. lawmakers are split over the non-binding resolution to the President's new Iraq war plan.

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