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Football fans gear up for game

February 4, 2007

Albany -- Area businesses spent all weekend gearing up for the big Super Bowl game. This is the busiest night of the year for some restaurants and bars. Managers say workers at Hooter's are expected to be at work until 1 a.m.

In order for this big game event to run smoothly here at Hooters it took plenty of preparation. Managers call this day the "everyone works day" because extra staff is needed to handle all the crowds.

The fryers in the kitchen at Albany's Hooters are sure to be busy all night. Add in the sounds of cheering football fans and you get the busiest night of the year for the restaurant.

"This is the big granddaddy of them all, every Super Bowl, everybody is excited. It's a party atmosphere. I tell folks it's like being at the 50 yard line," said Hooters Area Supervisor John Wilson.

Hundreds will cheer on their favorite team at Hooters while enjoying their french fries, chicken wings, and favorite beverage.

Beer will be the biggest seller during the big game. Managers expect to sell at least 15 cases and tap into four kegs. That means a lot of drinking will be going on.

But managers and servers at Hooters have special training and certification in serving alcohol, which includes knowing when to stop serving a guest drinks, and managers stepping in when a problem arises.

"We need to assist a customer by calling a taxi or cutting them off, or getting them something to eat. There's a lot of ways to go about it, but we have to be a responsible server of alcohol," said Wilson.

That responsibility also goes to the customers this Super Bowl Sunday.

The big game is all about a good time for everyone, which takes ample preparations by the restaurant staff, and football fans who designate a safe ride home.

People are expected to consume up to 700 pounds of chicken wings, lots of oysters, at least 4 kegs of draft and up to 15 cases of beer.

Kickoff between the Colts and the Bears was at 6:30 at Dolphin Stadium in Miami, but there was just as much excitement  in Albany.



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