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Don't believe all those Super Bowl rumors

February 3, 2007

Albany - - Many of you are counting down the hours and minutes until the
Super Bowl. Along with the annual family event comes a whole lot of myths that seem to spread around quickly. Some are actually true but experts say many of them are just "Super Bowl Bull". We asked some people what they think about the myths.

Take for instance this super bowl legend. Rumor has it many cities have sewer problems after the game because during half time people apparently rush to the restroom because they don't want to go during any other time of the game.

Kevin Rich doesn't buy it.

"No, not at all. Doesn't make any sense."

He's right., an urban legend de bunker, says trips to the restroom in large audience programs are higher than average but not to the point of causing serious damage. 

How about this one? If you want to take a trip to Disney Land, go on Super Bowl day to avoid all of the crowds?

"True, but the reason they say that is Mickey Mouse owns everything. They own ESPN, they own ABC, that's why they gotta say it," says Wayne Riles.

Sorry buddy. Snopes says attendance on Super Bowl Sunday is comparable to any other Sunday in January.

Here's another. If an old AFL team wins the game, the stock market will go down this year, but if an original NFL team wins, the Dow Jones will rise?

"I don't believe that. That makes no sense whatsoever. I never heard anything quite like that before," says Michael Revell.

Okay, so some of these guys are on a roll, but not all of those Super Bowl tales you hear are false, like one that falls in line with those gamblers out there.

One says gambling addiction services get heavy business after the big game.

"That's true. You think that's true? True," Revell says.

That's right according to an MSNBC report.

How about this? Monday, many employees out there don't plan on showing up to work.

"I can go along with that. I'm looking forward to doing that myself. You're going to do that yourself? Probably so. I hope your boss is not watching," we joked with Kevin Rich.

Many other employers might want to be on alert too. MSNBC also found many of the nation's employees will come down with Super-Bowl-itis.

There are a host of other Super Bowl legends out there. Next time you hear one of these, you may be a little wiser while enjoying the game. 

To view some of these myths for yourself or to check out other ones, log on to


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