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Alcohol sales up. Are you drinking responsibly?

February 3, 2007

Albany -- It's just about as big as the big game itself. Food and beverages are a major part of Super Bowl Sunday. For some local liquor stores the day before all the parties is one of the busiest all year.

Police will be on the look-out for DUI and other alcohol-offenses. Since consumption is higher than a typical Sunday, those celebrating are keeping responsible drinking in mind.

Chris Brookerd and his wife have big plans for Super Bowl Sunday.

"To get together with some friends and watch the Super Bowl," said Amanda.

The Brookerds aren't the only ones.

Many others make this annual game into a big party with lots of liquor and beer. Since the game falls on Sunday, liquor stores cash in on sales the day before. Lighthouse Liquors Wine Master Paul Duffy says it's a busier day than normal, and he also shares a friendly reminder to customers.

"We don't want anybody driving drunk, hurting people, or having DUI's. It's very expensive. But I say just yea please take care of your guests," said Paul Duffy.

Which is part of the game plan for the Brookerds when they host their Super Bowl party.

"They all stay over and hang out for a while," said Chris Brookerd.

"Super Bowl is just a good reason to get together and grill out, have some beer, hang out with friends basically," said Brookerd.

And while Brookerds' party will involve drinking, they say it won't involve drinking and driving.

Lighthouse Liquors estimates increased sales at least 10% the Saturday before Super Bowl. But that increase is nowhere near sales on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, or Thanksgiving Eve.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the year's most dangerous driving days because of drunk driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more than 50% of people who died in car crashes back in Superbowl 2004 were due to impaired drivers. Young males between 21 to 34 were most likely to be involved in these crashes.



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