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Valdosta businesses welcome Super Bowl

February 2, 2007

Valdosta - He may not look busy now, but Kevin Butenschon is enjoying the calm before Super Bowl Sunday's storm.

"It's the biggest day of the year.  Generally it will triple or quadruple a normal day," says Kevin Butenschon, owner of Wing Zone.

Super Bowl Sunday is so big for Wing Zone Restaurant, he'll even have to limit his every day menu.  "We'll go to wings, fingers, fries, and that's all.  We cut off the other appetizers and sandwiches.  We simply can't handle it.  This is the one day a year we have to do that, go to a limited menu," he adds.

And bring in reinforcements to handle the extra business.  "We get our wings fresh and for the week I've had 38 thousand come in," he says.

Other companies will see an increase in business as well.

This Sunday may not be the top sales day for Sam's Club, but it comes pretty close.  "On food sales, Super Bowl is number two of the holidays following Thanksgiving," says Sam's Club Business Manager John Jacobs.

Like Wing Zone, their party favorites are flying out the door.  "During Super Bowl weekend we see an increase in all food party items, chicken, meat, items like dip and pizza," he says. 

But with their large electronic sales, the televisions sales take the cake.  "Our televisions or big screen TV's and plasma's do really well."

No matter what the top seller may be, these businessmen welcome professional sports biggest holiday and all the added perks that come with it.