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Wear Red for Women

February 2, 2007

Albany - Here's the bad news: Heart disease is the number one cause of death of women. One in three American women suffers from some form of heart disease, and the rate is even higher for African American and Hispanic women.

But the good news is heart disease can be prevented if you check in with your doctor, learn your family medical history, quit smoking, and get off the couch.

While you're reading this story, some woman, somewhere, will die of heart disease or stroke. "Heart disease, strokes, attacks."

More than a half million women each year die from what for many can be prevented. Alice Rodman says, "You can change your diet, you can increase activity by exercising more and just making healthier choices overall. Quit smoking. Those types of things they can change. They can start with little steps. Just one change a day can make a big difference."

A difference these women want others to know about. That's why they're wearing red, to help raise money to fight the disease, and let others know about the killer.  Johnnie Ward says, "We run, we do everything for everybody, but we don't really take time to see about ourselves. So we have to see about ourselves and this is just one way to do it."

African American and Hispanic women are most at risk for heart disease.  Ward says she gets checked out, because she doesn't want to miss out. "We just really need to take time and get ourselves checked out and make sure we're okay," she says, "because I want to be around to see my grand kids and great grand kids."

And staying silent about the disease will only hurt the people who need to help themselves. "All women, not only hearing women," says interpreter Bobbie Carter, "but deaf women, all women, no matter who.  We want to have a long healthy life."

Taking the message to heart, to have a healthy one. To find out more about heart disease and to develop a prevention plan click here.

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