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Coaching son has been rewarding for Albany High's Chatmon

February 1, 2007

Albany - Albany High coach Archie Chatmon had some reservations about coaching his son Bryan.

Bryan's senior season is almost over and both son and father wish they had one more year together.

Archie Chatmon said "Once we get between the lines I am not dad anymore. And that is the toughest part for me. Where do you draw the line between dad and coach."

Archie Chatmon's job coaching basketball at albany high prevented him from coaching his son Bryan when he was growing up.

Bryan said "I couldn't wait."

But while Bryan was looking forward to playing for his father, dad had mixed emotions after watching Charlie Ward coach his Heisman Trophy winning son.

Archie "There is side to this thing.  It is looking good now and I am looking forward to to it. But what happens when you start butting heads. What is going to happen to that father son relationship.

And it didn't take long for that to happen.

Have you ever butted heads with him Brian?

Bryan said "A little bit." (archie laughing)

Bryan added "One day he was trying to get my attention after practice and the whole team was watching. I was walking to the locker room he yelled out brian and everybody turned around but me so I got in trouble when I got home."

But dad says that is only rare occasions where Albany High basketball is discussed at home.

Archie said "Usually my contact with him at that point is hey what do you have homework wise? Have you taken care of this? What about your studies? What do we need to get done tonight to prepare for school tomorrow?"

But while dad tries to treat his son like any other player. He is just like any other parent.

Archie said "Dad is still hovering around in there somethere. When he makes great plays out there the dad likes to come out and I have to get back under control."

Brian though is almost finished school with graduation coming in the spring.

Both father and son wished they could have one more season of basketball.

Bryan said "I kind of don't want it to end. I wish I had another a year."

Archie said "It has been a joyful ride for me. It has far exceeded anything i could have imagined. All those fears I realized now were not necessary."

The only thing dad is worried about is that he is not only losing his son.

He is also losing his leading scorer.

Bryan's sister Amber is a sophomore on the Albany High girls team.

Bryan would like to get a chance to play college basketball but has no plans at this point to go into coaching.

He wants to be an architect.





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