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Sheriff's deputies help solve APD case

February 1, 2007

Albany -- An Albany business man turns to sheriff's deputies for help after burglars rip him off four times. He says he felt he had no choice because Albany police didn't take much action.

Bobby Adams says his two-acre property, where Adams Agricultural Machinery is located, is secured by razor wire but each time his place is burglarized, criminals cut through that wire. They're after his metal machinery parts, to sell it to local recycling centers.

Thanks to the sheriff's office, some of his stolen property has been tracked down.

Adams Agricultural Machinery is located just blocks from the Albany Police Law Enforcement Center. Four times last month, Bobby Adams reported to Albany police that burglars hit his business and stole expensive metal machinery parts.

"What's frustrating I guess, I'm still waiting for police to come and get a report on the one that happened I believe it's the 22nd," said Bobby Adams.

He says the APD investigator assigned to his cases has not responded to any of his phone calls. That's why one incident still isn't documented. So he called the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

"I don't mean to criticize APD. I'm just telling you I called the person to get results, and I got results," said Adams.

Those results came about two weeks ago after a lead from one of Adams' employees. Sheriff's deputies recovered up to $25,000 worth of his metal and took two suspects into custody as they tried to sell the stolen metal at a local recycling center. Deputy Eric Miller says the sheriff's office then turned the two men over to APD since it was working the case.

"If we hadn't recovered what we did by the sheriff's department we would have been out $45,000, maybe $50,000 ," said Adams.

But because Adams called the Sheriff's office, deputies were able to take the suspects into custody for APD to make an arrest. Adams is thankful that sheriff's deputies were able to recover his metal, and keep his property safe.

Deputies tell us Albany police ended up charging only of the suspects. We don't know his name or the charges against him because we could not get in touch with the APD investigator in charge of the case Thursday night.

Adams recently hired night time armed security guards, and put in additional security measures such as an alarm system at his business.

Bobby Adams says the cost of the burglaries extends past just losing material. Each time his fence is cut he has to shell out several hundred dollars for repairs.




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