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Turner County woman wins thousands in lottery

February 1, 2007

Chula - - What would you do with $300,000? A Turner County family is trying to figure that out after winning the Georgia Lottery. They bought the winning scratch-off ticket in Chula at a convenience store where employees know customers by name.

At the Dixie Food Store on Highway 125 North in Chula, no one is a stranger when they come in. Many familiar faces come for one thing.

"We do a lotta lottery in here," says Nina Smith of Dixie Food Store.

That's why Martha Johnson came on January 19th. She ended up winning $300,000. The 40 year old Rebecca woman says it came as a pleasant surprise.

Now everyone's talking.

"Everybody comes in and say something about it before they buy some lottery, hoping they will hit $300,000" Smith says.  

They're talking and buying.

"Trying to get my piece of the pie," says lotto player Travis Hampton.

He stresses, he only wants a piece.

"I don't need $300,000 but I'll take what I can get," he says.

Others religiously spend praying for big bucks.

"I only buy one ticket a week and normally I don't win anything but I just keep trying," says Larry Mullis.

They keep coming back. The latest offering is the Georgia 500 Million Dollar Club. It costs $20 but if you scratch off the right numbers, you can win millions.

The thought brings hope to those who just cant catch a break.

"Most I ever won on a ticket was $30" Hampton says.

But luck is finding a home at this small Chula convenience store. Never before had it sold a $300,000 winning ticket.

"Maybe it will bring us some business," Smith says.

From people who spend money to get back a little more in their wallet.

"Gotta play to win," says lotto player Allen Walker.

When you do, you'll remember the smiling face that greeted you by name when you walked through the door.

Johnson only spent $5 for her Blackjack Showdown scratch off. She's already bought a new bedroom suit. Next, she says she wants to help her daughter buy a home and she wants to take a trip to the Bahamas.

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