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Weather causes travel problems

February 1, 2007

Albany - Atlanta's weather affected South Georgia travelers. Flights into and out of Albany last night and today were cancelled.

It's not just the possibility of ice that's cancelled flights, heavy fog and rain are also problems. Theo Hanna is on his way to Virginia. He would normally fly, but chose to rent a car instead, so he wouldn't have to deal with delays and cancellations.

He says, "I know if I go through Atlanta with all the de-icing and waiting for the plane to unthaw and all the delays I wouldn't make it to work on time. It's smarter for me to just rent a care and drive all the way to Norfolk, Virginia and just travel that way. That way I can control my environment."

The last flight into Albany at 11:24 Wednesday night is still expected to arrive on time, but that can always change. Make sure to check with the airline if you are expecting someone.



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