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Mitchell enjoys playing for mom

January 31, 2007

Albany - Many children at some point in their youth get the chance to play on a team coached by one or both of their parents.

But not many children get the opportunity to be coached by their mother or father in high school.

Sherwood Christian guard Courtney Mitchell knows her coach very well because it is her mother Gina.

Gina Mitchell said "She knows that I am her mom when we are at home and I am her coach when we are at the school here"

But sometimes Sherwood Christian's Courtney Mitchell can get mixed up whether to call Gina Mitchell mom or coach.

Gina said "You did it one time."

Courtney said "Yea sometimes it does. You can't get her attention when you call her mom. You have to call her coach Mitchell."

Of course there are times when coach Mitchell wants to be a mom. Gina said "You do want to sometimes go over and give her a hug "

One of those huggable moments came on Tuesday when Courtney Mitchell became the leading scorer in Lady Eagle history in just her junior season.

Courtney says all that she has and probably will accomplish on the basketball court is due to the face she plays for her mother.

Courtney said "Knowing that she knows the game so I can listen to her and talk to her. I probably wouldn't have the desire to play."

Gina said "During the summer and stuff whenever we have the day off, she always wants me to take her to the gym to practice."

Mom and daughter love to talk basketball but sometimes they have to make sure it is not all they discuss.

Gina said "Especially after a game we will talk about we should have done this or the team should have done that or whatever. Some nights we try to say okay that is enough or my other kids will say okay mom that is enough."

The day is coming when Courtney's high school career will end and she will likely move on to the college level. When that happens, Gina Mitchell will join the other parents in the stands.

Gina said "it is going to be hard and it is going to be sad. We will hopefully be at every ball game wherever she is playing."

And if Courtney gets the chance to play college basketball, mom knows her daughter will make the most of the opportunity.  

Gina said "She studies hard. she almost is like a perfectionist. She wants to do the best she can.  And that is just her.  And I don't really have to worry about her."




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