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Southwest Georgia town gets fit

January 31, 2007

Bainbridge-- After having her third child, Chrisie Surratt decided it was time to get in shape. But starting a diet can be tough.

That's why Christie was thrilled when she heard about Team Lean.  "I just got excited about it because all my friends were joining up with teams, and we wanted to join up too," she said.

In the competition, five people join a team and try to lose the most weight.  But there are some extra health benefits.  The hospital is also offering free blood work to team lean participants. They'll check your blood and blood pressure at the beginning and end of the tournament, and hopefully at the end you'll have reduced cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat percentage.

 Its up to the team to decide the best way to lose weight.  "We don't want anyone doing any drastic diets or any kind of thing like that, we're trying to promote good health," said Leslie Stone, a coordinator of the program.

But once a week, the participants have to check their progress.   "You just have to get weighed once a week. So its just swinging through here and getting weighed, and moving on," said Pat Angle, a Team Lean participant.

At every weigh in the participants pay 5 dollars each. Like any competition, there are some penalties.  "If you gain a pound you have to pay a dollar for every pound that you gain," said Surratt.

But that money is also the incentive to keep at it.  "One-hundred percent of the money collected will be given back to the winning teams." A cash prize will be the reward at the end of the 12 week program.

"My goal is just to lose weight, and have fun doing it, I don't care how I do it, I just wanna drop some pounds," said Surratt.

Despite the cash, the biggest winners for the competition will undoubtedly be those who lose the most.

The Decatur county YMCA is also a big part of the program. They're dropping the cost of joining for Team Lean participants, to encourage to work out as part of their weight loss strategy.



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