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Neighborhood develops web site to fight criminals

January 31, 2007

Albany - - People knocking on doors in the middle of the night asking for money is becoming a growing problem. 

Tuesday, we told you about groups targeting small communities in Worth and Colquitt counties. Now, an Albany neighborhood association says it's happening in their neighborhood.

The Doublegate Neighborhood Watch, which formed late last year, is alerting people who live there about a similar incident. Earlier this month, the group started a web site to inform their residents about suspicious activities taking place.

Organizers say it's one of their tools to fight back against criminals.  

"Its communication. We don't use the old signal flags like they used to use on ships, it's just as impossible to get the information out as fast as you can like with the internet and a web site," says Dr. C.B. Gillespie.

The web site also provides general safety tips and things to look out for. The Doublegate Watch now has 400 families involved.

To visit the group's web site, click on



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