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Is Dray Line a "no-win?"

January 31, 2007

Albany -- Ordinances put in place by city officials may be ignored by people who gather at the Dray Line, but the Albany Police Department says they are enforcing them.

 Signs are in place at the corner of Roosevelt and Washington that warn people not to camp or loiter, and that day labor pickups are only allowed between 7:00 AM and noon every day.

That's the first rule that's obviously being ignored. At almost anytime of the day, you can find someone at the Dray Line, and when it's cold there's usually a fire going. That's another no-no according to code. ]

Remember the no camping sign? One evidence of camping according to the ordinance is lighting or maintaining fires, and by Georgia law, only natural debris should be burned.

Lt. Ken Singleton with the Albany police Department says officers drive by that area daily and do enforce those laws, but there have not been any citations for those violations in that area within the last six months.

 Some people think the city is actually encouraging people to violate laws at the Dray Line. City officials placed a portable toilet on site a couple of weeks ago. They said the alternative, having people use the restroom in plain-site, would have been worse.      

Mayor Willie Adams said: "I can't answer the question as to why we haven't been so strict, but I do believe if we had gone out and arrested some of those people, then the publicity would have been, 'Why do they want to arrest somebody who's trying to find a job.' So it's kind of a no win situation."  

City leaders say they are looking into what can be done about the Dray Line, even contacting local churches for help.