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Moody's new multi-million dollar makeover

January 31, 2007

Moody Air Force Base - Four thousand airmen currently work at Moody Air Force Base.

A military wide realignment is scheduled to bring even more airmen to the base that's already bursting at it's seams.  "It will be moving to 5,000 once the BRAC moves are complete," says Col Joe Callahan, 23rd Wing Commander.

On top of that, the base is being considered to house the airmen training program known as CBAT.  "Over a period of time, the plan calls for the CBAT school house to increase to 800 permanent members.  In addition to that there will be 1,000 students moving through each month," he adds.

To ease these growing pains, Moody is receiving a 100 million dollar face lift.  "We have major construction, new dormitories, new transient living facilities, additional shop facilities and base support functions," says William Brian, Moody's Chief Engineer.

The expansion also includes this new family housing complex which will double the housing capacity for Moody.  "We currently have 303 units and we are going to end up at the completion of it 606 units," Brian says.

The Davis family will move into this house next month and are just happy to finally have a place to call home.  "We are from Warner Robins so the home we stay at's a home but we'd rather go home to be in our own family's house.  But this house, I don't want to go home.  They can come see us now!" exclaims Staff Sgt. Jessica Davis.

All these additions will help the local community.  "Adding 1,000 airmen, it's going to be at least an additional 50-25 million dollars in payroll alone coming into the base itself and most of it being spent locally," says Col Callahan.

And keep Moody the county's largest economic engine.


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