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Perdue pushes HOPE Chest Amendment

January 30, 2007

Albany--  A plan to protect the HOPE scholarship program that failed last year seems to be getting more support this year.

Governor Sonny Perdue is once again pushing the HOPE Chest constitutional amendment. During a contentious election season last year, Democrats opposed the plan because they say it did not prevent future cuts to HOPE.

It would limit the amount of lottery funds that could be spent on projects other than scholarships and Pre-K programs. A million Georgia students have gotten HOPE scholarships. More than a quarter of Albany State students rely on it and financial aid leaders say the money is necessary.

"Anytime you can find any source of funding for students, it's positive. The Hope Scholarship provides that and being that it's a merit-based scholarship, it's also a reward for hard work," said ASU Director of Financial Aid Thomas Harris.

Perdue says too much money has been spent frivolously on non-HOPE related projects. He wants to make sure HOPE is around for generations to come.



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