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Chilly weather drives up firewood sales

January 29, 2007

Albany--We've had a fairly mild winter in south Georgia, but that has certainly changed this week.

And we are in for another frigid night.

Folks in Albany who had to be outside Monday night were bundled up to protect themsevles from the cold.

We've been below freezing for a couple of hours Monday, and of course, the temperature is still dropping.

The low temperature this morning was 24 degrees. We could get down about that low overnight tonight.

That's actually good news for Daniel Loving.

He runs a tree cutting service, but he also sells firewood.

He always gets busy when it gets this cold.

"It is just super right now. I'm just trying to reach all the customers, and new customers are steady calling, so I'm just having to do more," he says.

Loving provides firewood to area convenience stores.

He also delivers to individuals.

The average low this time of year is about 37 degrees.



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