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Plumbers caution: wrap your exposed pipes

January 29, 2007

Albany- Subfreezing temperatures overnight meant frozen pipes for a lot of South Georgians Monday morning. Roto-Rooter was called to this house on West Gordon after a water pipe burst under this vacant house. Their master plumber says when temperatures hover around 32 you should protect your outside pipes. 

"You need to make sure that your water hose is disconnected from those, because if there's any water left in the hose it can cause the water hose to swell and cause the faucets to break, also you need to leave any outside faucets dripping and another important thing is to put an insulation cover over faucets on the outside of your house," said Rhett Parker, Roto-Rooter Master Plumber. 

If you going to let a faucet run indoors, the plumbers recommend letting your bathtub run because it allows for a bigger catch-basin if a problem occurs.



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