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Phone tax: Don't expect a large refund

January 28, 2007

Albany - - Earlier this month we told you about a one time tax break you may qualify for based on extra money billed on your long distance phone service. 

The IRS says some people are taking advantage of the tax break and are claiming more money than the government will actually reimburse you.

The phone excise tax should only range from $30 to $60.

The tax was placed on long distance phone calls from March 2003 to July 2006.

When you file your 2006 tax return, keep in mind, the IRS will not reimburse you more than $60 if you choose the government's standard refund rate. Otherwise, you will need your phone bills from that three month period to seek a larger refund.

This is the only year that the refund will be offered to taxpayers.


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