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5 year old cancer victim makes a wish

January 28, 2007

Albany - - If you make a wish, you never know what you may get. That's what a 5 year old found out this weekend after going through a long battle with cancer.

Some area businesses have chipped in to make his battle a little more bearable. 

Shemar Sanford is a survivor.

"Shemar started out with a tummy ache and I decided to take him to the hospital just to look into it and they found a large mass on his kidney," says his mother Pamela Sanford.

Shemar was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery, he's now going through 18 weeks of chemotherapy.

The Make a Wish Foundation sent him on a shopping spree this weekend.

"I shopped. I bought a motorcycle and a mustang," he says.

He went shopping with over a thousand dollars in hand, traveling in a limousine, making time to take photos with Wal-Mart staff.

"He was very excited. He was excited, had us all over the place. Gave Wal-Mart a tour in his mustang. It was a lot of fun for all of us, it really was," Sanford says.

After Walmart, they took to Toys R Us. His home is now full of toys, clothes, and memories. Shemar's father is thankful.

"It's just amazing how it happened and how we caught it. That's what's going through my mind right now," says Larry Sanford.

Doctors caught the cancer in its first stage. The little hair Shemar lost has grown back and so has his joy.

"He's an angel in disguise, he is. A wonderful kid. He can do whatever anybody else can do. He's willing and able and we'll let him," Sanford says.

Shemar is ready to tackle life.

"I feel better," he says with a smile.

His family believes Shemar is on a path to full recovery. When Shemar completes his chemo in September, he will have check up visits every three months for a year.

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