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Major League Talent

January 27, 2007

Leesburg -- Tom House has spent the last fifteen years of his life helping teach some of major league baseball's best pitchers, and Saturday he was in Leesburg sharing his knowledge with the stars of tomorrow.

House is a former major league pitcher, taking the mound for the Braves, Red Sox and Mariners in the 1970's.

He's since worked as a pitching coach with stars like Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, and Mark Prior.

House has most recently co-founded the National Pitching Association, which is dedicated to researching pitching, and sharing information with parents, coaches and athletes, so they can learn to pitch longer, more effectively, and in better health.

House says getting kids pitching the proper way at an early age is very important.

"The earlier, the better," says House, "because if you can wire a 10-year-old to do things properly, then he's not going to have arm issues or performance issues when he gets to high school, college, or pro ball."

Tom House is based in San Diego, but is on the road about 42-weeks a year, running clinics for around 10,000 kids.


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