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BMX race season kicks off over the weekend

January 27, 2007

Albany - - Looking for something productive to get your child involved in? How about a sport you won't hear about at school. The BMX bike race season is underway. Racers geared up for the first competition of the season Saturday.

You won't find any engines here, but they don't need any. These young people know how to put the pedal to the metal.

"The adrenaline starts pumping, you don't really think of anything," says 13 year old Nathan Grant.

You only think of one word.


Grant has been racing for six years.

"It's fun. You never know what's going to happen at each track."

He traveled from McDonough to participate in Saturday's race.

"They get to come together, kids that don't come from the same counties, we got 15 counties represented today," says Track President Danny Acord.

Acord say it's a fun way for young people to interact and showcase their skills nationwide.

"If you register here for Chehaw BMX to be a local rider, that makes you eligible to race at any BMX track in the United States."

Some parents seem to get more out of it than the kids.

"Go go. Pedal pedal pedal is what we say," shouts grandparent Elizabeth Bradshaw.

Eleven year old Dylan Hughes loves the support. It helped him win regional and national BMX awards. He's scooping out the competition for the race.

"I've got some people, hard people."

But he's one of the best. And he even offers a little advice for people who want to follow in his shoes.

"They just have to go out there and practice."

Because after all, practice makes perfect. It's a concept these racers seem to master as they approach the finish line.

BMX bike racing will be a sport in the 2008 Olympics. Local organizers say the races at the Chehaw BMX track is a good way to prepare children for professional racing.

For information on how to sign up your child, contact Ricky Lawrence at (229) 438-8997.


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