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Elderly man dies in house fire

January 26, 2007

Decatur County--  Several fire departments responded to the fire yesterday that killed seventy-five-year-old Leroy Anderson in his home.  He lived by himself on Salem Church Road. 

Neighbors and family frequently checked on him during the day because of his diminished mental capacity.  "He lived alone, pretty much, I think he may have some sort of Alzheimer's," said Assistant Chief of Decatur County Fire & Rescue, Charlie McCann.

Sometime around 8:30 in the morning some of Anderson's neighbors spotted smoke coming from his house, and called 911.

Volunteer firefighters from Climax, Mt. Pleasant and Black Jack responded first, followed by Decatur County fire and rescue.  "First arriving firemen, volunteers on scene at 8:43, advised us that we still possibly had a subject in the residence," said McCann. He said the fire was put out quickly.

 A relative of Anderson's told firefighters that his bedroom was near the back of the house. "We went to the rear of the house where his bedroom was and busted out a window in the bedroom and located the victim right there at the base of the window," said McCann.

Authorities say Anderson probably died of smoke inhalation. They think the fire started in the living room, but the cause hasn't been determined.  "It's under investigation between the sheriff's office and the fire marshal's office, they're investigating it now," said McCann.  Authorities say it does appear the fire was accidental.


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