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Valdosta's a trendsetter

January 26, 2007

Valdosta - An effort to protect people from mosquitoes earned one area city state recognition.

The Georgia Municipal Association named Valdosta a Georgia Trendsetter City for its innovative Mosquito Surveillance Program.

Using multiple traps, the city along with Valdosta State University and other organizations track mosquito locations and population.

The program allows local hospitals and agencies to prepare for West Nile Virus exposures in the area.  "We monitor those traps throughout the season to get ahead of the curve in terms of viruses, diseases, and detection," says John Whitehead, Public Works Director for the City of Valdosta.

The program was implemented after Valdosta became the first case of West Nile to be documented in the state.  Since beginning the program they've been able to detect the virus to the individual mosquito, kill them in that area, and prevent further cases of the virus.

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