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Cop fired after sexual harassment complaints

January 25, 2007

Sylvester -- A Sylvester police investigator is fired after sexual harassment charges are filed against him by a female volunteer of the police department.

Sylvester city attorney Tommy Coleman says two weeks ago the police chief terminated Captain Kevin Parten after the charges were made.

Parten was paid until Thursday, January 25th, when his scheduled appeal before the Mayor and Sylvester City Council fell through. His hearing is set for a later date, and the Mayor and Sylvester City Council will vote whether uphold, amend, or overturn the decision to fire Parten.

"City does not have to make out a case, but we are obligated I think to give him an opportunity to be heard if he chooses to be heard before the council, refute any charges he thinks have been made against him," said Sylvester City Attorney Tommy Coleman.

All employees of Sylvester are at-will employees meaning the city can terminate an employee for any reason, given that employee has a chance to appeal.

This is the third set of complaints alleging sexual harrassment against Parten.

Phone calls made to Parten's attorney John Spurlin of Tifton were not returned as of Thursday night.



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