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Drivers: Have a license or face jail time!

January 25, 2007

Albany - - People who drive with suspended or revoked licenses or people who don't have a license at all could soon face tougher penalties. A Georgia senator is proposing jail time and heftier charges for people who continue to drive without ID.

It's an effort to make Georgia highways safer and whether you like it or not.... "We're cracking down on it," says Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek.

Cheek says people get behind the wheel often without a drivers license and he says the state needs to put a stop to it.

"If we have a driver out here who has lost their license, it's been revoked or its in suspension status, there's a reason it was put in that status and its generally because they've been dangerous on the road before."

Senator John Wiles of Marietta sponsored a bill making driving without a license a felony after the third offense. A Senate committee has also approved the bill. Drivers we spoke with say they understand the logic.

"I feel like a driver should always be prepared. So one thing about being prepared is to make sure you have a license just in case something happens," says Jessica Dorsey. 

Bria Patterson feels if a person is pulled over three times without a license....

"You're doing something to cause a police officer to pull you over anyway."

She says a good driver would correct the problem the first time it happens.

It's the law and officers are ready to put you in jail if you break it.

"If we get these people off we hope will reduce traffic crashes and injuries, hopefully the fatalities will go down," Cheek says.

It may just help you remember to double check your wallet before you put the keys in the ignition.  

The bill proposes two days jail time the first time a person is pulled over without a license and 10 days the second time it happens.

The third offense would be a felony with one to five years in prison.


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