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ViewPoint: Are commissioners listening?

January 25, 2007

We all know the old saying the wheels of city hall turn slowly.  Well, that may be the case most of the time, but not when it comes to the Albany City Commissioners giving themselves great big pay raises. 

I have not talked to one person who thought this was a good idea. I'm sure they realize this is very unpopular, It seems they are just going to do this anyway, and with no public meeting,  taking the position, that it really doesn't matter what you think.

They brought up the pay hike last week and voted to go forward this week.  The only thing slowing these guys down is a series of legal ads they have to run in the newspaper.  That's the law, since this is a city charter change. 

Then they can vote in the pay hike doubling these part time commissioner's pay,  and tripling the Mayor's pay.  I guess it doesn't take much consultation and study,  when deciding a pay raise for yourself. 

But the city forefathers, didn't make it a simple one time vote to raise commission pay.  They  have to vote on it two more times before it becomes law-- February 28th and March 27th.   

The city forefathers wanted to make sure commissioners who raised their own pay,  faced the people who pay the tab - the taxpayers. 

 I would not call newspaper ads facing the voters, but If you think the pay hike is too much, maybe it's time you called your commissioner or time you showed up at a city commission meeting, and let the commissioners know how you feel. 


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