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Tuition costs keep students from enrolling

January 24, 2007

Albany -- As high school seniors plan for college, it's not a rejection letter that's keeping some of them from their top choice, it's the high cost of tuition. A new study found 20% of students accepted to their first-choice school don't go because it's not affordable.

The College Board says the average tuition at a 4-year public college has increased more than $3,000 over the past ten years, and almost $7,000 for a private college.

Seniors at Albany High meet with guidance counselors who help them with plans to deal with the costs of higher education.

"I would apply for more scholarships every year, make sure I keep my grades up, and try and focus in on school And if I have to have a part time job then I might have to do that as well to help with tuition," said high school senior Cassie Skaggs.

"I could go to Albany State because they do have my major, and I live like five minutes away from Albany State so that would save on the cost of living on campus," said high school senior Courtney Beach.

Students tell us even if they can't attend their dream school, the most important thing is to continue their education and get a college degree.



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