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Albany Tech reaches record enrollment... almost

January 24, 2007

Albany - Albany Technical College almost had a record enrollment this quarter, but higher costs involved with getting a higher education, lowered those numbers. Albany Tech President, Dr. Anthony Parker, says 3011 registered for classes this quarter, but by the time classes started, that number dropped to 2460.

He believes the reason for the change in numbers is due to high gas prices, inflation, the lost income while students are in class and could be working, and the cost of books. So, Albany tech is trying to help students out. Dr. Anthony Parker says,  "We are going to roll back the markup on textbooks to no more than 20% and look at ways to cap the cost of a textbook at no more than $100. That's a difficult thing to do, but we 're going to make that attempt."

Dr. Parker says he plans to contact the students who registered but weren't able to attend this quarter, and find out what held them back. He also hopes he can encourage them to attend this spring.  



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