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$1.84 or $2.04... which should we pay?

January 24, 2007

Tifton - It's hard to understand why prices vary so much, but folks driving in Tifton are paying a lot less for gas than many of us.

At Raceway in Tifton, regular unleaded gas is selling for $1.84 and it's been low all week. That's well below the national average of and $2.14 even lower than the state average of $2.02. Robert Taunton was driving along I-75 today and says the prices at this station are the lowest he's seen. "Cheapest price since I've been on my way through Alabama and it's about $2.12 there, so this is the cheapest I've seen it," says Robert Taunton.

John Nicolson says, "There's no reason why it shouldn't be cheaper than it is now, but by the same token with the way the economy has gone, things have gone I'm really amazed prices are so low."

You may agree with John Nicolson. The lowest price we found in Albany, $1.99 was still fifteen cents above the price at Raceway, and even more than price for premium gas there. 

 If you see a gas price you think others should know about, tell them about it here.

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