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Learning outside the box

January 24, 2007

Albany - The way children learn is ever evolving and so is how they're taught. On Wednesday, Curriculum director Dianne Daniels told Dougherty County School Board members that students and teachers can no longer depend solely on textbooks for their education.

She says they must go outside of books and use other resources and methods in order to meet performance standards.  They have to learn outside of the box.

Daniels says, "In this information age, there's a lot out there that we can use beyond a regular take home textbook and our teachers are working to make sure that our students really understand the concepts and they can master those and not necessarily move from page to page in the textbook."

There are also changes on the way to how Math courses are taught. Students in high school classes will have a blended course, combining algebra with statistics, geometry and trigonometry.

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