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Free, reduced cost medications programs offered

Help is Here Express

January 24, 2007

Albany-- Imagine spending hundreds of dollars each month on medications.   That's a reality for many people with chronic health problems, but they also have to face the very real problem of finding the money to pay for those drugs, but help is finally here.    

As a diabetic and triple heart attack survivor, David Spencer takes a lot of medicine.  "I'm probably on 10 medicines. And how much? Basically about $300 a month."

Money that Spencer doesn't have. He's on a fixed income and needs all the help he can get. "It is a big help. If it works it will be a great help for me."

Like it has been for thousands of people across the state.  "More than 160,000 residents have received free or nearly free medication from these programs," says Jeff Trewitt, a spokesman for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Trewitt says the program helps lower to modest income people find a program, out of close to 500 different ones that will cater to their particular situation.  "The problem is we have 46 million, maybe 47 million now, keeps going up, we have 46 to 47 million people who are uninsured and don't have drug coverage, or they don't have adequate drug coverage and that s a real problem."

People like Annie Bess. She lost her adequate coverage when she lost her job.  "It's very expensive, so I decided to come down and try to get some help."

Because she can't just quit taking her medicine-- that would be dangerous, even deadly. "I think you owe it to yourself, your children and your family to try and live."

"It's very important to take care of yourself because you only have one life."

If you missed the bus, you can still get assistance by calling the Partnership for Prescription Assistance hotline at 888-4PPA-NOW.

Thursday, the bus will be in Tifton at the Health Department from 9AM-10AM and in Waycross Friday at Memorial Park during the same times.



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