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City leaders want mo' money

January 23, 2007

Albany - The commission is voting to move forward with the procedure to increase the Mayor and each Commissioners pay. Last week, they voted to double their salaries and triple the Mayor's.

The elected officials haven't had a significant raise in 20 years. Right now, commissioners make $7,200 a year. The mayor $8,200.

They voted to up their pay to $15,000 and the Mayor's to $25,000.

Kevin Davis thinks the drastic increase is ridiculous and if they need a raise, it should be done in increments. He says, "You get into public service to serve the public basically. You don't get into it to get rich. That's just the bottom line."

If the commissioners vote to continue with the procedure, they will have to publish a notice in the paper three times prior to the two readings required by state law. 



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