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Wildcats Are Golden

January 23, 2007

Albany -- New South Georgia Wildcat head coach Derek Stingley has upgraded the team's roster for the 2007 season by bringing in some of the top free agents from the other teams.

One such free agent is Greg Golden.

The former North Carolina State Wolfpack was a standout receiver and defensive back for the Memphis Xplorers last season.

He wasn't with the team when the Xplorers lost to the Wildcats last May, but he caught two touchdowns in Memphis' 81-53 win over the Wildcats the following month.

Golden is excited about the coming season with the Wildcats and says one person had a lot to do with his decision to play in South Georgia.

"Coach Stingley, actually," says Golden. "It was his phone calls, the way we talked, our connection together. It was like we had a chemistry the first time we talked on the phone."

Golden had 13 touchdowns and 65 tackles as a rookie last season.

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