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Albany woman gathers signatures wanting Golf Channel

January 22, 2007

Albany -- It's not uncommon to hear people complain about their cable tv. But an Albany woman took it to a new level. Unhappy that PGA Golf programming is moving, she appealed to her congressman to do something about it. 

 Loretta West is a lifelong golf fan, who spent the rainy weekend not being able to watch the Bob Hope Desert Classic.  West said  "it was dull and wet. No golf anywhere."

All of this month's PGA golf television coverage has been on the Golf Channel, under their new contract. Most of the Thursday and Friday coverage the rest of the year will be on the cable channel as well. The 84 year old West says she can't afford the extra twenty dollars she said Mediacom would charge her to get the Golf Channel on her cable, so she started a petition asking Mediacom to move the Golf Channel to basic cable. 

West said "now I'm getting up to the point where I am becoming an armchair golf spectator, and I would like to be able to watch golf when I want to."

Almost one hundred people have signed at the Flint River Golf Course. West has even written letters to Congressman Sanford Bishop. West says she is just one of many people who want to watch all the PGA coverage, but don't want to pay the $56  a month it costs to receive the extra cost cable package carrying the Golf Channel.

She and 89 year old Janine Bailey has placed their petition at several Albany golf clubs, and got a good response so far, and West hopes Mediacom will be swayed by their campaign.  West said "at least I think Mediacom will have a better understanding of what is going on in South Georgia."

Mediacom Regional Vice President Don Zagorski said that they do all they can to keep the price of their programming as low as possible, and that putting the Golf Channel on another package would raise everyone's cable rates.

So Loretta West will continue gathering signatures to present to Mediacom next month, and hope to change the corporation's mind, so she can continue to watch her real passion, golf.

Most of the PGA season will be shown on NBC and other broadcast networks on Saturday and Sunday, but almost all the Thursday and Friday rounds will be on the Golf Channel.  


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